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Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Blog |

Modular Construction is the Wave of the Future

Modular or Prefab Construction is a method of construction, not a building type. It greatly differs from temporary buildings, such as construction trailers or mobile homes.

They are custom-designed buildings just like their site-built counterparts. Using modular does not change the design, structural system, or finish materials options available to the owner and architect. The only difference is in the method of construction.

After the design is finalized with an architect, construction plans are sent to a factory where the majority of the building is erected.  Prefabricated elements are used for as many building components as possible. Everything from walls and mechanical systems to painting and carpet can be completed on the assembly line.

The difference is that 60% to 90% of modular buildings are completed offsite in a controlled production environment, including all MEP, fixtures, and interior finishes.

While modules are assembled at the factory, site work can begin at the same time, such as laying the foundation or prepping utility connections. This greatly decreases the time needed for total construction. Modular buildings are often completed 30-50% faster than conventional structures.

Once the modules are ready, they are shipped to the site and fastened together. The final construction stage includes completing exterior systems such as cladding and roofing components and internal spaces like lobbies, stairwells, and elevator shafts.

The beauty of the finished building is that occupants will not be able to tell how the structure was built.

60% reduction in build time

Exceeds Energy Code by 33% on average

Scalable design to meet future enrollment growth

Superior acoustic environment

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